Pharos Resources: Fostering Student Engagement with a Relationship-Focused Approach

Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Companies - 2020

It wasn’t too long ago that the most advanced form of edtech was the trusty overhead projector in a classroom. A lot has changed since then. Today, the learner engagement strategies of an educational institution has progressed considerably with the incorporation of mobile devices, as well as the provision of virtual and augmented learning. And now, as the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have forced students to stay at home and continue with their academic courses, it is driving further evolution of the digitalized education sector.

A myriad of educational technologies, such as student information systems (SIS) that streamline grade books and attendance tracking, smart boards, test prep software, paperless classrooms are now maturating rapidly amid the lockdown. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in assessing a student’s performance is also gaining momentum. Many online teaching platforms are now integrating adaptive learning technology via AI and ML to understand what learning path or instructional support is most appropriate for a particular student. Virtual and mixed reality-based teaching is another trend that is quickly coming to prominence. These teaching methods are proving to be more engaging than traditional textbook learning. And as these changes are becoming a mainstay for student engagement, there is no doubt that the new ideas and new technologies will endure in the classroom even after the COVID-19 crisis subsides.

To assist the relevant stakeholders of an academic institution in finding accomplished student engagement solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Education Technology Insights. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 student engagement solution providers to highlight those making significant contributions to the education sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs, along with real-life stories on how the companies have enhanced the capabilities of educational institutions and independent educators alike. We hope this issue of Education Technology Insights helps you build the partnership you and the educational institutes need for engaging with learners.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Student Engagement Solution Companies

  • Arcademics specializes in multiplayer games to engage students to increase proficiency and fluency around core topics, including math, language art, and basic algebra

  • Beagle Learning helps teams learn faster while doing their best work by providing a simple, systematized process to gather input from the team and select the most important questions to focus on. Beagle Learning is on a mission to nurture critical thinkers and collaborative problem-solvers of tomorrow with its web application that integrates with the majority of learning management systems (LMS) and institutions curriculum. This online platform guides students in deciding the questions they are inclined toward and care about, research, practice analyzing information, and learning both independently and in groups, creating a sense of community and personal belonging

  • Validates academic integrity through plagiarism detection and prevention

  • Pharos Resources is a student success solutions company helping institutions foster a culture of care for their students through the unique approach of Relational Retention.With a unique relationship-focused solution and approach, Pharos Resources helps student success practitioners identify at-risk students, eliminate campus silos, increase student engagement, and enrich a campus culture of student success. To Pharos Resources, the idea of student engagement revolves around "Relational Retention" that combines supportive connections with strategic intervention to help guide each student to success

  • Soomo Learning is a Ashville-based EdTech company that offers modern courseware, which provides a robust yet simple learning environment that minimizes cognitive load so students can focus on learning, thereby enabling schools to improve student outcomes in foundational college courses. Focusing on first- and second-year courses, Soomo editors and learning designers have studied student activity patterns to fine-tune their webtexts to prompt all students to engage in A-student practices of rehearsal and recall. More importantly, the Soomo courseware provides multiple formative assessments and feedback on each page that promote metacognition and allow students to check their understanding of critical concepts, so they remain engaged with the course

  • Edcite


    Edcite enables teachers to create high-quality, easily customizable, interactive content to fit their class. The company mission is to improve teacher efficacy and student learning through an engaging digital experience. At Edcite, students can use our library of teacher-created assignments to get unlimited practice on relevant assignments; and they can get immediate feedback on their performance

  • Pronto


    Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. It connects people via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly

  • School Innovations & Achievement

    School Innovations & Achievement

    Attention2Attendance is directly impacting student outcomes and closing the achievement gap across the country. The company mission is to create a culture of achievement starting with creating a culture of showing up

  • School Suite

    School Suite

    An integrated solution for keeping track of Student Life, created to serve the needs of American schools by utilizing the technology that is always with students

  • TransACT Communications

    TransACT Communications

    TransACT provides software solutions for districts, by district leaders. With more than 20 years of experience curating the best experience for parents and educators alike, the company help district authentically engage families without sacrificing compliance and efficiency at the district level