PowerUpEDU: Bridging the Gap between Teaching and Technology

Sterling Wharton and Jerry Gaillard, Co-founders, PowerUpEDUSterling Wharton and Jerry Gaillard, Co-founders
“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”—John Dewey

While most industries, today, have been taken by the digital storm, the education sector is still lagging behind. Some school districts that have taken their first step toward adopting technology are struggling to leverage its full potential to make the teaching environment fun and engaging. At this point, educational institutions require a partner that can help them grow with the pace of the digital era using relevant technological tools. Offering the right ingredients to bridge the gap between teaching and technology, PowerUpEDU provides innovative classroom technology solutions, creating learning environments that engage students and empower teachers to create learning experiences which improve teaching-learning practices. “We provide solutions that use in-place classroom technologies whenever possible, while at the same time ensuring the classroom is ready to connect with new and emerging trends,” says Jerry Gaillard, Co-founder of PowerUpEDU.

In an initial consultation with a school, the company determines how to ‘power up’ the classroom. “At times, we may not even sell them the technology; we might just help them use the technology that they already have more effectively,” says Gaillard. In cases where the systems are dated, PowerUpEDU provides interactive technology solutions backed by a support team consisting of former teachers. “We provide professional development and training to teachers, preparing them to deliver high-performance results for today’s tech-savvy students,” he adds. As a key part of the education process, the professional development program helps teachers effectively leverage PowerUpEDU’s products.

Interestingly, the company offers a unique spin to its education technology through its mobile learning lab called EVIE (educational vehicle). The mobile lab boasts of all the technologies that a school needs ranging from high- performance classroom apps to sophisticated products for district-wide implementations. “I can drive up to a school and bring teachers, decision-makers, and students a demonstration of how the technologies work inside a class, opening up a whole new world of the future classroom,” says Sterling Wharton, Co- founder of PowerUpEDU.

PowerUpEDU’s solutions focus on six key areas: whole group instruction; personalized instruction; wireless classroom solutions; professional development and coaching; classroom sound, safety, and video; and STEAM instruction and curriculum.

We provide solutions that use in-place classroom technologies whenever possible, while at the same time ensuring the classroom is ready to connect with new and emerging trends

By replacing projectors with interactive panels, the company helps teachers make a classroom more interactive. Additionally, PowerUpEDU enables teachers to customize their instruction based upon each student’s individual needs.

Similarly, PowerUpEDU enables wireless presentations to create interactive multimedia lessons, assessments, and collaborative learning activities. “Our STEAM instruction and curriculum program focuses on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to give students insights on the real world applications of these subjects,” adds Wharton. All of the PowerUpEDU solutions simplify teaching practices to create learning environments that enable teachers to motivate and engage students in a modern learning experience. All of which produces better results in the classroom.

Corroborating the capabilities of PowerUpEDU’s solutions, Gaillard cites a case study involving a school district in Georgia, where their products helped change the dynamics of classroom teaching. When the county rolled out the request for proposal, they were looking for a perfect connected classroom and PowerUpEDU won the bid against 16 other competitors. “As part of the selection process, we conducted a class with 22 committee members from the county, out of which 17 actively interacted with all our technologies. This is exactly what they were looking for in their classrooms,” says Gaillard. PowerUpEDU’s technology completely metamorphosed the classroom for the county from dated, non-interactive projector screens to a fully interactive and robust connected classroom solution. The company replaced all of the old equipment with their innovative solutions that included interactive panels, cameras, computers, sound distribution, and security systems. These collectively created an interactive and engaging classroom environment that was both academically-oriented and fun.

Aiming to change the way education is delivered, PowerUpEDU not only offers solutions for large districts and schools but also to small and mid-size districts and schools. Moving forward, they are focusing on helping educators become better at their profession by providing solutions that will empower their teaching. “Our goal is to make classrooms fun, interactive, and engaging, thus motivating students to come to school and enjoy the learning environment," states Gaillard. PowerUpEDU’s products are built using leading-edge technologies that are practical for schools. “We believe that by leveraging the technology in the classroom, we can improve the results of students and lower the stress levels of teachers at the same time,” concludes Wharton.